Biden on CNN town hall: Republicans blocking infrastructure deal is ‘irrelevant’


President Biden on Wednesday dismissed Senate Republicans’ derailing of his bipartisan infrastructure package as “irrelevant,” saying he’s confident the proposal will ultimately advance.

Mr. Biden’s remarks came just hours after the GOP blocked the Senate from advancing the bipartisan infrastructure proposal. The move blocked the bill from advancing to the debate stage.

After the vote, a group of senators, including several Republicans, said they are close to finalizing an agreement. Another vote is scheduled for Monday.

Asked how much time lawmakers needed to strike a deal, Mr. Biden replied, “until Monday.

“You had up to 20 Republicans sign a letter saying ‘we think we need this deal,” Mr. Biden said during a CNN town hall.

“I believe because I take my Republican colleagues at their word when they shake [my hand],” he continued.

The 49-51 vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance what was essentially a stand-in bill that will be swapped out for text once the legislation is completed.

“It’s a good thing. And I think we’ll get it done,” Mr. Biden said of the bipartisan agreement.

Mr. Biden has hailed the $600 billion bipartisan agreement as a broader effort to invest in the nation’s roads, bridges, pipes and Internet connections. 

When asked if it was possible to bring congress together to repair the nation’s infrastructure, Mr. Biden responded, “Absolutely, positively, yes.”

“Take a look at Ohio and Kentucky. There are thousands of bridges that need repair,” he said. “And we should be looking at it this way: it increases commerce, but it’s also good-paying union jobs.”


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